17 St Patty’s Day Crafts

If you’ve ever met me or have even just seen a picture of me, you may have noticed that I’m a fun sized redhead. In case that went over your head faster than a 747: “fun sized” referring to a fun sized candy bar. As in short. As in 4’11” short. I’m pretty Irish. Like, friends made traps for me on the playground in elementary school trying to find my gold, kind of Irish. I wear my Irish heritage proudly. So much so, that Santa even knows to bring us a potato in our stockings to remind us of the tragedy known as the Irish Potato Famine (it’s a real thing, I swear!) and to remind us to be grateful of the wonderful things we have been blessed with. That kind of proud. Anywho, in honor of said proudness, I give you 17 awesome and easy crafts for St. Patrick’s Day. Some you can do with the kiddos and some are to Irishify your lovely abode.

We used to do this as a kid and it was so fun to watch the transformation over time. The cool thing is that this can be done with any color.
craft ideas 002
shamrock cinnamon rolls
IMG_9385 copyWEB
Rainbow 1
Shamrock St. Patricks Day ombre specimen art by Lolly Jane
Side note: I did this one last year for my ,then, 2 and 3 yr olds. They LOVED it! It was perfect for their ages as well because they were learning/knew their colors. It was the perfect St Patty’s Day festivity for them.
st.patricks 001
I have no expectations of Irish conversions out there, but I sure hope you all get your craft on for St. Patty’s Day.


  1. Love these ideas, you are inspiring me to get moving for St. Patties Day! And I am going to refer to myself as "fun size" from now on, too, that is WAY cuter than "short."

  2. I would love to see what you come up with for St Patty's Day!!!