20 DIY Lighting Ideas

In a lighting funk? I know I have been lately. In an effort to spice things up at home, (in lighting ladies, just in the lighting) I've kept my eye out for some unique light fixtures and have been inspired. I feelin the DIY Pendants. Take a look and maybe you’ll have a light bulb moment too.


Normally I don't post things in any particular order, but today, I had to share this one first. Kristin at The Hunted Interior made this pendant out of a thrifted bowl. I have been searching for the perfect bowl ever since. I absolutely love it and want one of my own. She is very talented and her work is amazing.
via Apartment Therapy

Links to actual projects/fixtures are listed below. 

This just goes to show that you can make a unique fixture out of ANYTHING! A globe, bowl, mason jars, flashlights, string and even paper clips. That's right, the fixtures in #4 are made out of paper clips and look amazing! You may have even noticed that some of these projects are from repeat offenders like Mandy from Vintage Revivals. She has many many more DIY lighting options. I hope you’ve been inspired. I can’t wait to see what I decide on.


  1. All of them are great! I'm moving in with my boyfriend this summer and I'm thinking about making some pendant lamps instead of buying them in lightning store. Have you decided what lamp are you making?
    Take care x

  2. I think I've decided on the first one with the brass bowl! I just can't get it out of my mind. I just need to find the perfect bowl! Good luck wit yours! When you do yours, shoot me an email and I'll feature it!

  3. I love all the lighting fixtures and I want to add them all to our collection! With these lighting fixtures, you don’t need to design your house that much for they are enough to transform a space into a stylish one.

    -Allison Shallenberger