The Neatest Little Thing

Do you ever have one of the AH HA! moments that are also DUH moments? I had one this morning. So this whole DIY thing is totally trial and error. I started putting up board and batten in my bathroom MONTHS ago. . . I ran out of boards so I went and got what I needed. Guess what, it's still. not. done. Wanna know why? Well here's the thing, I don't have a nail gun and I wasn't about to go buy one just for my little bathroom. So I bout a box of finishing nails and decided I could do this the old fashion way. Well the result was either banged up mdf from trying to get the nails in far enough, OR the nails were sticking out. Well awesome option #2 is what I got. Then today. . . I discovered THIS

Ummm. HELLOOOOO! Why did nobody tell me about this!?! It recesses the nails so you can fill in with wood filler and finish off the project. Love. Best part; a set of 3 different sizes was $1.98. So hopefully you'll be seeing that finished project soon. Until then, a bientot.

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