That Moment

You know that moment when your baby boy is sleeping and you're peeking through the crack in the door to see if he's awake? You sneak in and can't help but be in total and complete awe of the gentleness of that baby. That baby that you made from scratch. While he sleeps and dreams of dinosaurs, monster trucks, blocks and dirt, he's a tiny angel that you've been blessed with. While he sleeps, he's not the domestic terrorist that he seems to be in daylight. Dumping corn flakes and rice all over the living room because he refuses to keep his food in the kitchen. Making water messes in the kitchen because he's a big boy now and won't use a lid. Scattering cars and trucks to all corners of the house that you will inevitably find in the dark with your bare feet on your way to bed. No. That's not who he is when he sleeps. It's then that you know that he came from the Heavens and is truly your little angel. You remember all of the good things about him. His helping hands. His "big squeezers" that make all the world seem right. His Irish eyes that twinkle like his Great Grandpa's. His never ending love for his brother. And you. While he sleeps, you remember that he's your everything. While he sleeps you remember that you know his whole story and the only one who ever will. While he sleeps, you remember why you wanted to be a mother in the first place and your heart is so full you can't even stand it. 

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