House Tour: Dans le Townhouse

So I’ve had some fabulous house tours stowed away to share and I’ve been in a blogging rut. I decided to just throw one out there today and I tell you, it is Fabulous!!!  Tanya and her “Handy Hubby” author the blog Dans le Townhouse. The blog consists of fabulous design style, amazing DIY’s and great inspirations for new projects. They have done a fantastic job. Check it out for yourself.

House Tour - Hallway Table

Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Living Room Sofa NEW AFTER

Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Living Room NEW Close-up AFTER
Dans le Townhouse_New Pillow   Crow Pillow
Dans le Townhouse_New Pillow With Chair
Dans le Townhouse_New Pillow Wide Angle
Dans le Townhouse_Tablecloth_Distance
House Tour - Dining Room
Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Kitchen AFTER
Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Kitchen Table AFTER

House Tour - Half Bath After

Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Stairwell After

Dans le Townhouse
Dans le Townhouse_Bedroom Art Tweak_After
House Tour - Main Bath Vanity Close Up
House Tour - Main Bath Towels
House Tour - Main Bathroom After

House Tour - Office II
Dans le Townhouse_Black White Painting
Dans le Townhouse_DIY Desk Complete_Good Lighting
Dans le Townhouse_DIY Desk Complete_Straight On (1)
Dans le Townhouse_Ikea Hack_Expedit Angle Shot

House Tour - Guest Bedroom
House Tour - View into Ensuite
Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Guest Bath AFTER
House Tour - Ensuite After

Things of note:
I have a minor obsession with mid century modern furniture mixed with modern traditional pieces. (much like her living room. traditional sofa meets mid century chair)
My heart skipped a beat when I saw her flawlessly mixing styles.
I think her Expedit hack is AWESOME!!! (said in a singing soprano)
Most of her art is done by her. It’s just beautiful!
She has an incredible assortment of DIY’s on her blog. From DIY canvas art, to installing a herringbone backsplash and upholstering a vintage chair. I’m telling you, she does it all.


  1. Thanks for the feature and for you kind words! You really made my day! I love that you appreciate traditional and mid-century furniture - we definitely have a similar aesthetic.

  2. You are very welcome. You just made it so easy to say nice things. If you're not careful, you might find a new perma-guest in your lovely guest room. ;)