DIY Book Cover

This book cover was inspired by one that I purchased at Barnes and Noble.

When I got it home it only fit on my smaller books and I was currently reading a larger one. Not wanting to wait for my next book. . . I made one myself. (The best part-I only used scraps that I already had!) Here’s how it turned out.


I started by sewing the batting to the top layer. I did this so that when I quilted it, it would stay in place.
I drew the quilting pattern with a pencil and a ruler. I didn’t want it to be super perfect so I just eyeballed it. I wanted it to look like a homemade, done well, kind of project. (if that makes ANY sense)

Then I just sewed as closely to the line as I was able.

The fabric that acted as the stripes on the front, were ironed along the edges and stitched down the sides to the front piece of fabric.
(the piece with the quilting pattern on it)

I wanted a ribbon for a book mark, so I lined it up on the inside.

Inner flap or “pocket” that will hold the book in the cover.

I sewed the “pockets” to the fabric that will be the inner lining of the cover.
Once I had the stripes sewn to the front and the pockets sewn to the inside (or back) I flipped them so they were face to face and sewed around the edges, leaving a few inches to all it to be flipped right-side-out.
Then iron down that unsewn portion so it’s even with the sewn edges.
Top stitch the entire edge. This gives it a clean finish as well as completely sewing it shut.





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