My 100th Post!!!-Black Friday

I can't believe that I have already published 100 posts!!! I LOVE it! This has mostly been a creative outlet for me and has been worth every minute I have put into my posts. I have recently been really busy getting ready for the holidays and with projects that I keep starting. My creative mind has been giving me a run for my money and it has been quite the adventure. It may not be crazy amazing, but it's been wonderful for me. 

Did anyone else stay up til the WEE hours of the morning waiting in lines, sipping hot cocoa, politely throwing elbows and yelling for security asking for assistance from fellow shoppers? I DID!!!
This year was my first go at Black Thursday Friday shopping with others. I had so much fun! Probably more than I should have. The Hubs was home with the littes while I ventured out into the scary world of Wal*Mart on this Oh so Wonderful Shopping Day. We scurried away from Thanksgiving Dinner like little mice and rushed to the store to be there soon enough to snag ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight. . . or so it seemed. I think I had fun because I wasn't waiting for a "Big Ticket" item like most. I was able to get everything on my list and then some! After my cart was full, I was able to run around for my SIL and help her fill hers too. After Wally*World we headed to Kohls and then to Rack Room Shoes (they were an afterthought). We drank Cocoa, watched some crazies dance in the spot light in the lanscaped rocks at Kohls and ordered our OldNavy items from the SmartPhone while we watched others wait in line for a LOOOOONG time for the exact same items. 

THAT's my new secret to Black Friday. . . CHECK ONLINE!!! Most stores are cashing in with ONLINE doorbusters as well! Not all items will be available online, but it's worth checking before you wait for hours and hours.

All in all I had a blast! I'm dead tired and feel like I'll fall over ANY minute, but it was well worth it. I scored a few things that are NEEDED big time at home and found a few fun things as well. All I can say is, I can't wait til Christmas Morning!


In honor of my 100th post, I opened my MulberryTree Etsy Shop and am so excited! Again, Nothing CRAZY, but just right for me. I hope you like it. I'll be adding more and more all the time so keep coming back for a peak. 


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