I'm Weird Because

I put this post together in honor of one that LMM did a little bit ago. It's fun to notice your quirks and the things that make you Happy and Excited. Maybe you'll feel like you know too much now.

I'm Weird Because. . .
I hate having dirty feet.
I think that I have pretty feet.
I have to sleep with my hair down, but off of my neck at the same time.
I love milk. To a fault.
I can't sleep without a body pillow.
I can't drink milk if I think it has a funny taste even if no one else notices it.
I think a hot bath is the cure for everything. Thanks Mom.
I love wallets. I have like 10.
I didn't buy B&BW soaps when I was in an apartment cause I thought I needed a house first.
I won't use the same towel on my hair 2 showers in a row. I know if they weren't rotated.
I have cold feet all the time but refuse to wear socks.
I have to have all of the hangers in my closet match.
I organize my closet by color ROYGBIV. The Hubs doesn't play along.
I LOVE a clean house, but don't stress if it's not.
I feel like I don't worry enough about things. 
I love going to pro sporting events (MLB/NBA).
I HATE watching those same events on TV.

I'm a Bad Friend Because. . .
I hate checking my VM so just text me instead.
I WILL tell you if those pants make you look fat.

I'm a Good Friend Because. . .
I will always be there for you. Even in the middle of the night. (Because you've been there for me)
I will listen to you vent.
I will go just about anywhere with you, anytime.
I won't give you my opinion if all you want to do is vent.
I WILL tell you if those pants make you look fat.

I'm Sad Because. . .
I miss my family that lives 1000 miles away.
I worry about someone who is sick.

I'm Happy Because. . .
I have an amazing family. (In-laws and all!)
I have an AH-MAZING Hubs that works so hard for our little family.
I love my home and it's imperfections.
I get to stay home with my littles.
I have a big bro that lives close so I can still get my family "fix".
I don't have to move again for a LONG time! (7x in 6 yrs is plenty)

I'm Excited For. . .
A project.
A non complaining Hubs.
Christmas Decorations.
No Snow this Winter.
Family Time Every night when the Hubs gets home from work.

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