A Breath of Fresh Air

When I first started this post, it had been less than a year since we had moved into our home. Since then, the main bathroom has undergone a few updates. Here is the bathroom in pictures. 

First we have the Yellow Canary 


 Then the bathroom went stark white so you open your eyes upon entry.

I was channeling my tribal heritage (and Mandi from Vintage Revivals) when I made this shower curtain. (More on that later)


Then I added some Board and Batten


 Finally, once I decided I wasn't a Mandi Goubler (I LOVE her, but i'm not her), I came to terms with my actual style and landed on this. It makes me so happy to see this bathroom now. Don't get me wrong, the other options were great and I loved them all for a time. This final scheme, however, is the serenity with a pop of fun that I needed. I mean, who doesn't love fireworks on their shower curtain!?!

These projects are, after all, a way to discover me, my style and what works for our everyday. I'll show some How to's and How don'ts on the different stages of this bathroom. If you're lucky, I might also share my big plans for the future. Well they're not that big; maybe 12"x12" is all.

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