So I need some help. I've finally received permission to paint the cabinets in my kitchen. Yes permission. This is a huge improvement from when we moved in. "Your painting the wood in this house over my dead body." Remember this post? So. HUGE milestone for The Hubs. Anywho. WHAT COLOR!?! My initial reaction is the obvious choice. White. My major hesitation? My pink counters. Have a look.
(don't judge. this is before we moved in. hadn't painted or replaced flooring yet.)

 See my problem? Right now they aren't THAT noticeable. If I paint the cabinets, however, they'll stand out like a nun in a bar. Because the kitchen is the LAST thing on our Honey-Do list, replacing them isn't an option yet. We'll do that when we can renovate the whole kitchen. So. Do I embrace them and go with white? Leave them cause it's better that they don't stand out? Do something like grey or a color? I need help.

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