Craft Room Gallery Wall

We recently switched my youngest little's room closer to us after a suspected possible break-in. (turns out the alarm system just needs a new battery) Anywho. . . we're more comfortable with his room next to us anyway. Benefits to me? Little N is safe and I get a bigger craft room as a result. No complaints here! So it's been a work in progress since we moved in because it's last man on the totem pole in the house. I finally busted out some frames, printed a few things and hung new and old. It's nothin crazy fancy, but it's a huge improvement from before. Hope you enjoy! 
(please excuse the crazy terrible photos. I still have a ghetto point n shoot camera that is not my friend)

I'm going to interrupt for a moment. This lovely of a ceramic stool was a steel. A steel I tell ya! I was moseying through Ross the other day and saw this lovely. Price tag says, "$49.99 compare at $100.00"  THEN it was marked down to $35 from there! That's 65% OFF!!! I said, "I don't know where you'll go yet, but you are coming home with me. I've been looking for a great garden stool and there it was staring me in the face. Now it stares my craft room in the face.

So there it is. One wall pretty much done in the craft room. Next on the list for there is to revamp my little sewing table and get a chair for it. Do you know how hard it is to sew without a chair!?! hehe!

Supply List
Nest Pic-Michael's circa 2009
"Be Happy"-printable from Sprik Space (pssst! She has more colors!!)
Sunburst Plate Thing- Bookmans (local book exchange. They also have a random knickknacks corner)
"?" -Robert's Crafts in UT. They were going out of business so it was like .50!
Hummingbird Painting-Thrifted Circa 2010 (original painting by Cavalla 1975)
Deer Print-Free Printable via Danielle Oakey Interiors (she's amazeballs btw!)
Chair Prints-Free Printable via Danielle Oakey Interiors

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  1. This came out have me wondering what will fit in your ? spot??? I love the new ceramic stool and I LOVE a deal. :)
    Happy to be your newest follower.

  2. It looks great! I love your style. I want you to come to mi casa and tell me what to do with my living room / kitchen.

  3. Thank you for joining the blog hop! Following you via GFC :)

  4. Absolutely! Just let me know when!! Sounds like so much fun!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to see what I get next either!

  6. I also have the be happy print in my home - love your gallery!

  7. Tooo, tooooo cute! I love the colors and all the whimsy!

    I would LOVE it if you'd link this up at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL going on right now!

    Hope to see you soon!

    P.S. I'm a new follower. : )


  8. I love the bright colors! The question mark is adorable! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. Looks great :) Are those cute chair prints from Danielle Oakey ;) I'm so jealous that you have a craft room!

  10. The Chair prints ARE from Danielle Oakey! Isn't she amazing!?! I just love them!

  11. How fun! I love the red Happy sign - so cute! The colors you picked are so bright and fun! I am visiting from Lil' Luna and I'd love if you would visit back! Have a great day!